How I became healthy : my trigger point

Hi Peeps !!

Let’s talk about how I made my lifestyle change.

  • Why did I wake up one day and decide to be healthy ?

    I’ve always liked sport, but I was clearly not  regular and I was usually changing activities with no clear training objectives. Sport was more like a hobby.

    As many of us can experience it, I had a body image issue and I didn’t know how to deal with it, I couldn’t fit to diets. That’s not my cup of tea. I love cooking and I like eating.

    This beeing said, I came to a point in my life where I realized how much life was short and I wanted to live. This pointed out a few things to me :

  1. I wanted to live. Life is amazing but amazingly short too. And I chose to LIVE !!
  2. Besides, no matter where we live in the world, we just have only one single place to live in and it will always be our body. I decided to take care of him.
  3. Be healthy….meaning that I had to eat clean and train more regularly. Well, I didn’t know what to change and where to start.
  • Motivation and inspiration : Through Instagram, I discovered a few accounts which helped me to understand the principles for my lifestyle change. I discovered Clemence (Fitbyclem) and Sonia Tlev. I bought Sonia’s Top Body Challenge ebooks and honestly I am still using them to train at home.
    Thanks to the Instagram community, I realized that changing my body image requires 2 or 3 years of work. Currently, I am still not where I want to be but I am working on it.

    And the Instagram community is the best place to find motivation, a powerful positive thinking, support, great recipes and workout tips. There are some superhero foodies and some pro runners…etc. But, they all started from where we stand when we decide to make this lifestyle change.

    I have a few accounts I follow regularly, Amélie Tauziede, Choupi_healthy, Vanillacrunnch…

    I also have some amazing IG friends, Thehealthytray, Marion.getfit, healthyowski…etc. But I cannot and I won’t list everyone.

  • Clean eating: Besides, to be healthy, I had to eat clean.

    80% of a healthy lifestyle comes from nutrition and 20% from sports. And I discovered that eating clean didn’t mean suppressing categories of food. It means that you eat better, healthy food, rich in vitamins and antioxydants and also unprocessed food. It means that you have to work on your known recipes to eat healthy food. There are recipes of healthy pancakes, waffles, cakes….etc.

    To have a healthy lifestyle means being balanced. And it means that if I want to eat a piece of cake,  a pizza…etc. I do it, but once a week.
    The best time to have these treats, sometimes called cheat meals, is with friends when you go out 🙂 . We consider them as caloric bombs. But taken once a week, they help the body stay lean. The body processes the information that he is not on a diet. Thus, he won’t need to make excessive stocks (fats).

    Honestly, I have tried many diets before and I don’t like frustration. None of my diets succeeded on the long run. But a healthy lifestyle was the best thing I started in my life (after Sam, my baby boy 🙂 ).

    You can read my tips to eat clean, my recipes and workout plans in more details in my blog categories: sport and recipes. Please note that I am not a nutritionnist, I am just sharing what worked out for me to make my lifestyle change and to become healthy.

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